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Turned On

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  • With Hot Animal Machine currently out of print, Turned On is, I think, one of the earliest recordings available by the Rollins Band. This album is pushing to be ten years old and still sounds as good as any of this band’s newer stuff. Each song is a solid work of music, with Henry’s gravelly shouts and screams, Chris’s distorted guitar riffs, Andrew’s deep and low basslines, and Sim’s hard drum hits and cymbal crashes. I prefer this live album to the subsequent studio recordings after it, if only for the passionate fire and fury of the Rollins Band live. Henry’s throat must’ve been in shreds afer the rips he pulled on it during this show. Down&Away and Turned Inside Out are perfect examples. Yeah, the whole album on one track is a little annoying, but the honesty and heart of it all outweighs this petty complaint.

    Posted on February 5, 2010