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Turning Season Within

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  • For an average doom-gothic band, this would actually be a good album. But for Draconian, the ones that spawned forth the legendary Were Lovers Mourn, Arcane Rain Fell, and The Burning Halo, this one in my opinion cannot compare. They sped up the tempo slightly, and made the guitars riffier, but left the atmosphere and gloom behind. It’s almost like they were trying to reach the listeners of Temptation Within or Evanescence. The song Morphine Cloud comes pretty close to their old school selves, but the rest of the album almost seems like happy Draconian, if you can imagine such a thing. The stumble is nothing dramatic like when My Dying Bride came out with 34.788% Complete, or when Anathema failed with The Silent Enigma. It is still Draconian, but without anything epic or memorable. If you’re a fan of Draconian, go ahead and get it just to get it. But if you new to the Draconian sound, try their first three albums first. Or better yet, try and snag a copy of Doom:Vs- Aeternum Vale.

    Posted on February 26, 2010