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Twelve Year Silence

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  • Few bands can claim to only have been together for a only few months and be able to have recorded a fantastic album, but such is the case with the group “Dark New Day” with the release of their album “Twelve Year Silence” in June, 2005. The band, which formed at the beginning of 2005, is comprised of Clint Lowery (guitar/vocals) who was a cofounder of the band Sevendust, his brother Corey Lowery (bass/vocals) who played in two previous groups, Troy McLawhorn (guitar/vocals) who once played for Doubledrive, Brett Hestla (bass/vocals) who once played for Creed and Will Hunt (drums/vocals). The combined professional experience of all five members is quite evident with the high quality of the music on this group’s first album containing 11 songs at a total length of just over 45 minutes.

    My rating for each of the album’s 11 songs are listed below:

    1. “Taking Me Alive” (5). A quiet beginning, then a discordant piano starts before the song ignites with bass & percussion and vocals from Brett Hestla.

    2. “Brother” (5+). A soft beginning of guitars & percussion is the catalyst for the more powerful bass that joins in before giving way to let Brett Hestla’s excellent vocals come through for the soft versus. These give way to the far more powerful & emotional choruses.

    3. “Free” (5). Backwards-sounding guitars begin this softer song, but becomes more intense with the highly harmonized & bass-driven choruses, then leads to a more powerful center section.

    4. “Pieces (5+). A stylized start explodes with percussion, bass & guitar, as well as some intense vocals.

    5. “Bare Bones” (5+). Strong percussion accompanied by guitar & bass paves the road for some deep vocals, then intensifies for more harmonization and overall intensity. This gives way to a softer, ballad-like center section, but returns to its more intense sound.

    6. “That’s Enough” (4.5). A guitar-picked start with percussion accompanies Brett’s vocals, then picks up with greater harmonization from the other band members for the choruses. More of a ballad.

    7. “Fill Me Again” (5). Good start of powerfully melodic chords sets the stage for the vocals and very well harmonized vocals.

    8. “Lean” (5+). A dark beginning explodes with bass, percussion & intense vocals with an incredible chorus and an instrumental center.

    9. “Evergreen” (4). A ballad (essentially) with softer instrumentation that emphasizes the vocals & harmonized choruses.

    10. “Heal in Time” (4.5). Guitars quickly give way to bass in this song that uses a lot minor chords in the verses, but with choruses dominated more by major chords.

    11. “Follow the Sun Down” (5). An acoustic guitar begins this slow ballad with emotional vocals and well-harmonized choruses.

    Overall, I rate the album “Twelve Year Silence” by “Dark New Day” with a resounding 5 out of 5 stars and very highly recommend it to anyone who also enjoys groups such as Disturbed, Mudvayne and Stone Sour. In my opinion, this is one of the best albums for 2005.

    Posted on December 24, 2009