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Twilight of the Thunder God

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  • What a beautiful album this is. this could very well be my new favorite AA cd. i cant stop listening to it. great diverse blend of old and new styles and everything in between. can listen to this album straight through without skipping over any filler tracks, and ive done just that several times a day since it arrived last week. beautiful production. every instrument is crystal clear. Hegg’s vocals sound amazing. if you’re any kind of AA fan this album shouldnt disappoint cuz it has a little of everything on it. if you like super heavy brutal, there is “where is your God?”. if you like sing along arena songs, there is “Guardians of Asgaard” which is sure to be a concert favorite for years to come. if you like the classic AA sound, there is “Varyags of Miklagaard” which is my personal favorite. if you like galloping battle songs, then “tattered banners and bloody flags” is for you.

    just when the cd is over and you dont think anything could be better than this, you pop in the free DVD and get your butt kicked once again. yes a FREE DVD. and its not some bootleg low quality drivel that other bands might through in just to get sales. this is a professionally done full concert. it is just over an hour long. crystal clear footage, letterboxed for your widescreen viewing enjoyment. 5.1 surround sound. beautiful. features many songs from their last album “with oden on our side”. they could have easily sold this concert DVD seperate and the fans would buy it. but no. AA gives it to you for free. thats what kind of band this is.

    so if you are a long time AA fan, this wont disappoint you. if you wanna get into AA for the first time there is no reason why you shouldnt start here cuz you get a great album showcasing their style as well as the DVD which contains some of their older songs.

    Posted on March 10, 2010