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  • This album is staggeringly good, expressing all the elements that a True Black Metal album should have. The ethereal melodies draw you into unknown thoughts and emotions, turning into a truly alien style of music. You won’t find any Marduk-style self-deluding foolishness on this album. Just entrancing, atmospheric, underworld-like songs laden with tortured vocals and soaring guitars. The drums and vocals are carried throughout the album with cavernous reverb, obscuring the words most of the time but contributing to the feel of the album.

    Being Xasthur worshipper, it is interesting to hear the enigmatic genius known as Malific contribute in a group effort. Everything that Malific touches turns to black flame and ashes.

    Don’t buy this album if you don’t understand underground Black Metal. This is an expression of Void, not speed-metal draped in juvenile ideas of Satanism. One only needs to listen to songs like “White Fire Beneath Black Text” or “Winter Before” to hear it.

    Posted on January 16, 2010