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  • Dude…this album is insane. I cannot believe that us Americans can do black metal so well. I mean, lately in black metal, actually in metal in general, foreigners are kicking our @$$. The vocals, for me, is what really makes this album extremely brutal. Sounds like Gaahl on 100 hits of steroids haha. The synth in the background is pure beauty. Only in black metal can you find strings that really sing. Also, alot of people dont like the production of alot of black metal bands. But i say the bad production makes the music sound more grim, dark, an sinister, i.e. Darkthrone, MayheM (Pre-De Mysteriis) So i say Horns to you Twilight for making insane black metal, Horns to Black Metal in general, Horns to you black metal fans for keeping it alive, and of course… Horns to Satan!!

    Posted on January 17, 2010