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Two Hunters

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  • “Two Hunters” is an interesting title. According to Nathan Weaver(guitarist/vocalist for Wolves, “the concept is about man and bear in pre-historic times, and their struggle for better or worse. Man won-out with his cunning and intelligience.” The concept alone requires strong writing, and the music contains wonderful “depth.” Each subsequent listen will reveal another nuance. The riffs are not just thrown together, they are placed for their musical reason and with great care. In other words, this contains some awesome songwriting. The male vocals are nothing short of maniacal screams and tortured resonance. Offset these male vocals with imo, the best female vocals I’ve heard in 2007, and Wolves have created a beautiful juxtoposition. Everything in this music is perfectly placed. Basically, this is one piece of music in 4 sections. The flow is never interrupted and the sound does’nt stagnate. Quite possibly, the best work of Black Metal I’ve heard since Negura Bunget’s “OM” in 2006. Get this and Get lost in an engulfing sound. Best Black Metal album of 2007. Period.

    Posted on February 13, 2010