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Two Hunters

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  • I’ve been trying to get into this area of Metal for a decade. Each time I step forward, willing and eager, only to walk away, disappointed all round that the balance is off again; a little too much here, not quite enough there. Unlike other musical territories, however, I always kept coming back, convinced that I just hadn’t tasted the right recipe, that dismissing it as another overly formulaic metal hip was just too easy.

    And then it became too difficult to enjoy any type of music without a heavy dash of nostalgia, so I figured I needed something to cleanse my pallet.

    So I got into Sunn O)))
    And I learned about Wolves in the Throne Room.

    Now I’m licking my lips for more.

    Thus my biggest critique is an unfair, near-contradiction, as I want this album to be twice as long as it is. The vocals are no less abrasive, the drums are no less jarring, but they manage to soar with the guitars rather than distract from them. Transitions between soothing Goddesses and avenging Demons are abrupt, but far from awkward. In fact, at last, I feel I’m listening to the actions of artists rather than the reactions of malcontents.

    It’s not very metal of me to say this, but I hope I’m not alone, and I hope they’re not either.

    Posted on February 13, 2010