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  • I’m going to rate each song here. But before I do that, I just wanted to say that the first time I listened to this CD, I couldn’t get into any of the songs. What I realized though was that the first time I listened I was actually feeling really happy about something. Your opinions on the songs will change depending on the mood you’re in. What I mean is, the next time I felt depressed, enraged, pissed off, or frustrated when I listened..I started to like some of these songs a lot more than when listening to them in a neutral or positive state of mind. Almost all of the lyrics sound unhappy in every single song here, so if you’re generally a happy person, this CD may not be your cup of tea.

    1. Wait – Great song, good beat, actually has a motivational and hopeful theme to it in its excellent chorus. It’s no surprise this was the first single. – 5/5
    2. Tongue Tied – Very dark song with some incredibly depressing/frustrated lyrics. Mediocre sounding chorus though. This is one of the songs I generally didn’t like UNLESS I listened to it while pissed off or depressed. – 2/5 or 3/5 if you’re unhappy
    3. Fall Apart – This song is depressing but the way the verses are sung in this track really sounds great, especially the second verse. The chorus, on the other hand doesn’t sound so hot. Fortunately the awesome breakdown at 2:45 makes up for this. – 4/5
    4. Someone – This one, like Fall Apart, also has excellent sounding verses but okay chorus. The guitar and drumwork is awesome though (much better than Fall Apart’s). The chorus in this song actually shows signs of hope but it’s not as catchy as the chorus in Wait is. Good progressive rock though. This one ended up being the second single, probably because it’s similar to Wait. – 4/5
    5. Rotten Inside – Didn’t like this dark progressive song. Can’t really explain why – just wasn’t feeling the riffs or beat. Very depressing and wretched sounding, and they toyed around with some echo effect in the verses which also sounded awkward. I especially hated the chorus. It’s a 1/5 ..maybe 2/5 if you’re hating your life a little more than usual when you listen to it. :)
    6. Down – Here they go again with the echo effects in the verses. The song is kind of hopeful sounding too and the chorus in this one isn’t as bad as some of the chorus on other tracks, but doesn’t stand out either. Meh. – 3/5
    7. Nice to Feel the Sun – This one is a little too weird for me, both lyrically and musically. This track is a definite skipper for me so it gets – 0/5
    8. Again – This is an excellent progressive rock song. Awesome guitar work. It’s got the same “unhappy verses clashing against hopeful chorus” format that Wait has. Lyrics and chorus sound perfect to me, and the breakdown is very decent. Not sure why this one wasn’t their second single. Maybe the suicidal undertones? – 5/5
    9. Goodbye – Another gloomy progressive song. It’s about breaking up, and the music compliments this point. They do a damn fine job of conveying the emotions here too. Verses are good, breakdown is good, but more importantly, the chorus is great, especially the guitar portion. This should have been the last track on the CD because it sounds great, and would have been a perfect closer (and the fact that the song is also called Goodbye is another good reason for this). – 5/5
    10. Should’ve Been There – An accoustic balad. Pretty damn sad one too. It’s got all the typical elements of one but I’m not a fan of these types of songs – 3/5
    11. Control – They close this CD with another dark track. This is a “I have all this pent up hate for you and I’m near the edge” type of song. Even the guitar sounds pissed off. Okay verses but not really a fan of the chorus though. It’s not really a standout though in my opinion but somewhat tolerable – 3/5

    Out of 11 songs there’s at least 3 definitely worth listening to and 2 that are pretty good. That’s fairly decent so I give the CD a 4.

    Posted on November 13, 2009