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  • Without a doubt, I am completely in love with this album. In my 40+ years of intense devotion to Rock & Roll listening, living and agonizing over, this record takes front and center for 2004. Last year, Evanescence stole my heart, and rightfully won a pair of Grammys. This year had better be the Grammy year for Earshot, or I’ll be pissed. The production of this album is gorgeous. The guitar tone is deep and rich, the drumming is exciting. And the vocals really sing to me. I love the character in Wil Martin’s voice. And the lyrics are absolute poetry. This is one of those addictive albums that you cannot take out of your CD changer. The music on this record just sticks to your ribs. It reverberates in your mind. It speaks volumes for a lifetime of pain and disappointment. And for all of my life’s experiences, I too just want to thank you for all the tears I’ve cried.

    Posted on November 14, 2009