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Ultramega OK

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  • After two very good EP’s on Sub Pop Records-Screaming Life and Fopp-Soundgarden moved to SST Records to record their first full-lenght LP. And what a smashing debut it was. Ultramega OK offers a faint glimpse into what would become Soundgarden’s signature sound:an intense,brooding mixture of wailing vocals, dark,noisy riffs, crunching rhythyms,steady but powerful drumming and intelligent,thought-provoking lyrics channeled through gloomy metal,punk fury,and surrealistic pschyedelia. This album opens with the chunky chords of the very heavy,very trippy ”Flower.” Other highlights include the fiery,punkish ”All Your Lies”and the speed-changing,mood-changing brilliance of ”Mood For Trouble.” But the record’s centerpiece is ”Beyond The Wheel,” a song with earth-shattering vocals and mind-blowing guitar sounds. Buy this cd, as well as all of Soundgarden’s other cd’s.

    Posted on January 9, 2010