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Ultrasonic Action

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UFO OR DIE 'UOD' 7'' 1989 (complete)

A1. Atomicvomit Man A2. Suckmystomach 1:50 B1. Spacedisco 3.16 B2. Peergroope 4:59 Released by Bron Records, Japan as a 7" (GIGA-001) in 1989 and reissued as a 3" CD (BRON-UFO2) in 1992.


A.N.P / ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (KK NULL) side of 'Ultima Hyper Drugs' LP 1986

A.N.P / (KK) NULL 'Ultima Hyper Drugs' split LP (Nux Organisation, Japan. NUX-R2. 1986) A.N.P : 1. Deus Abskonditas 2. Kruelle 3. Zetta Reyd Recorded live on...

A.N.P / ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (KK Null) 'Killsonic Action' LP 1988 (FULL ALBUM)

'Killsonic Action' LP (Dossier, Germany. ST 7542. 1988) A. 1. Disembody 2. Godache 3. Godkill II B. 16:35 1. Deus Irae 2. Zettai Reyd 3. Killsonic Action Rec...

K. K. NULL - Live at OT 301 (Amsterdam), 17.4.2013

Full Live Set ;) nothing more to describe...! just enjoy it...

KK Null - Metamorphosis de Toki

Audio: Kazuyuki Kishino Video: Simon Pharmafabrik Fabriksampler V4 Fabriksampler V4 (2CD package) presents 20 different artists f...

Deison / Kk.Null - ALONE

From "Into" (CD Silentes minimal editions SME 0931)

KK Null (24.10.2009)

Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana.

Kk null live in amsterdam

Kk null live in amsterdam.

HATI & Z'EV - Live at Unsound Festival New York Labs, 2011, excerpt 1

HATI & Z'EV - Live at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, New York, 01.04.2011. Unsound Festival New York Labs. Video and editing: Ellen Zweig. http://www.hati.ser...

OT301 Benefit Night - 14th June 2012

OT301 Benefit Night - 14th June 2012 @ 20:00h Live acts, concerts, performances, video screenings, record sales & more. Fundraising night to support next ses...