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DEIE 10-6-2013 @Namba Bears

DEIE 10-6-2013 @Namba Bears


A.N.P / ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (KK NULL) side of 'Ultima Hyper Drugs' LP 1986

A.N.P / (KK) NULL 'Ultima Hyper Drugs' split LP (Nux Organisation, Japan. NUX-R2. 1986) A.N.P : 1. Deus Abskonditas 2. Kruelle 3. Zetta Reyd Recorded live on...

A.N.P / ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (KK Null) 'Killsonic Action' LP 1988 (FULL ALBUM)

'Killsonic Action' LP (Dossier, Germany. ST 7542. 1988) A. 1. Disembody 2. Godache 3. Godkill II B. 16:35 1. Deus Irae 2. Zettai Reyd 3. Killsonic Action Rec...

ANP -- Zetta Reyd

Guitar, Drums, Percussion [Metals], Voice -- Null from Dead Tech - No Wave From Japan 1986 Dossier ‎-- ST 7512, Germany


Recorded live at Penguin House, Koenji (August 16th, 2005), with Keiji Haiono (guitar) and KK Null (electronics).


Video excerpts from: "The Red and the Blue Gods" by Ben Russell - - "Baraka" by Ron Fricke - - "The Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky Soundtrack excerpt...

KK NULL w/ BALASZ PANDI - live @ P.M.K. Innsbruck 22.05.2014

Kazuyuki K. Null & James Plotkin - Dead Moon Ritual

Aurora Sentrax, 1994.

KK Null & James Plotkin - sawtooth swirl irreducible gated momentum dub mix

KK Null & James Plotkin - sawtooth swirl (irreducible gated momentum dub mix) From the EP 'Aurora Remixes', released in 1996 on the Rawkus Primitive label. T...

Kk null live in amsterdam

Kk null live in amsterdam.