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DEIE 10-6-2013 @Namba Bears

DEIE 10-6-2013 @Namba Bears


A.N.P / ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (KK NULL) side of 'Ultima Hyper Drugs' LP 1986

A.N.P / (KK) NULL 'Ultima Hyper Drugs' split LP (Nux Organisation, Japan. NUX-R2. 1986) A.N.P : 1. Deus Abskonditas 2. Kruelle 3. Zetta Reyd Recorded live on...

A.N.P / ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (KK Null) 'Killsonic Action' LP 1988 (FULL ALBUM)

'Killsonic Action' LP (Dossier, Germany. ST 7542. 1988) A. 1. Disembody 2. Godache 3. Godkill II B. 16:35 1. Deus Irae 2. Zettai Reyd 3. Killsonic Action Rec...


Recorded live at Penguin House, Koenji (August 16th, 2005), with Keiji Haiono (guitar) and KK Null (electronics).

A.N.P. - Disembody

A.N.P. - Disembody.

Absoluter Nullpunkt

planetary atmosphere --- Technology: - Waldorf Q (Yellow) - Apple MacBook Pro - Apple iTunes Visualizer - Apple QuickTime Pro The music is a one take liv...

KK Null & James Plotkin - sawtooth swirl irreducible gated momentum dub mix

KK Null & James Plotkin - sawtooth swirl (irreducible gated momentum dub mix) From the EP 'Aurora Remixes', released in 1996 on the Rawkus Primitive label. T...


Video excerpts from: "The Red and the Blue Gods" by Ben Russell - - "Baraka" by Ron Fricke - - "The Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky Soundtrack excerpt...

null - inorganic orgasm

by terror noise mastermind K.K. Null.

KK NULL -- Materia 最終物質 [Saishiyu Bushitsu]

Remixed remastered version from 1990 released on Forced Exposure, U.S.A..