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Z'EV podczas 3. Festiwalu Trans/Wizje, 01.12.2012, Warszawa

Fragment koncertu legendy muzyki współczesnej Z'EV'a, który odbył się podczas trzeciej edycji Festiwalu Trans/Wizje, 01.12.2012 w Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej...

HATI & Z'EV - Live at Unsound Festival New York Labs, 2011, excerpt 1

HATI & Z'EV - Live at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, New York, 01.04.2011. Unsound Festival New York Labs. Video and editing: Ellen Zweig. http://www.hati.ser...

mr. kazuhisa @ vienna 15.02.2006

mr. kazuhisa @ vienna - rhiz 15.02.2006 with KK. NULL.


Live in Tokyo, Japan 1990. KAZUYUKI KISHINO (KK NULL): Guitar, Vocals MASAMI AKITA (MERZBOW): Drums.

Z'ev 12 November 1980, Melkweg, Amsterdam

Copyright © PsychologyExperiment Experimental psychology emerged as a modern academic discipline in the 19th century when Wilhelm Wundt introduced a mathemat...

Selector Ras Loud in session with singer @ PULSE OT301 Amsterdam

22-10-2010 Amsterdam West.

CLUB 2CV 08/02/2013 OT 301 Amsterdam - Moullinex Spinnin!

Golden 2CV hood / lamp, created by Naad Artworks and Hans de Jong Visuals by visual orgasm experts Priscilla Lightning and Marc Campati Mr. Moullinex behind ...

Cd anp


SQUANK!!! Influences include Sonic Youth, Boredoms, KK Null, Rhys Chatham, WRONG, and Rage Against the Younger Siblings.