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  • At first, I was surprised that this greatest hits only had 12 songs on it. That is because I’m used to “Greatest Hits” CDs that are half crap filler songs. This CD clocks in at a cool 50 minutes and you get hit after hit. I’m surprised how much care seems to have been put into this collection since I read Sammy basically released it to fulfill a contract obligation. This compiliation is primarily from his four mega-successful mid 80’s solo albums when he left behind kinda silly party anthems like “Cruisin’ & Boozin” and “Trans Am Wonderland” for more intelligent tunes like “I’ll Fall in Love Again” and “Two Sides of Love”. Of course, there are plenty of tunes to bang your head and do air guitar to like “Heavy Metal”, “One Way to Rock”, and “I Don’t Need Love”. Minor complaint, I would replace “Buying My Way Into Heaven” with “VOA”. Otherwise, rock solid.

    Posted on February 10, 2010