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  • Sammy Hagar Unboxed is full of great tunes. It collects 10 classic songs from Hagar’s years at Geffen records, and adds to new songs High Hopes and Buying My Way into Heaven. All the tracks on Unboxed come from Standing Hampton, Three Lock Box, Voa, and Sammy Hagar a.k.a. I Never Said Goodbye only overlooking HSAS Through the Fire that came out in between VOA and Sammy Hagar. Unboxed contains most of Hagar’s hits from 1982-1987. Although Unboxed is a great set, Sammy Hagar deserves much better, and I’m aware of the Essential Red Collection released last year. When are they going to get it right? It’s about time they released a double disc set combining his Montrose hits, with his hits on Capitol,Geffen, and MCA Hagar deserves a complation that covers his whole career. This man is a rock n roll icon, over three decades of rock and only a couple of single disc complations for this guy!!

    Posted on February 10, 2010