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Under a Pale Grey Sky

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  • They were the last ones to see the mighty Sepultura in their true form. That was the way it was and always should have been; with Max. The quality of this concert is absolutely fantastic. Igor’s bass drums stand out significantly, but not enough to drown everything else out. Some complain about it because it was during the Roots tour. Well, I was a fan of the Roots album, and this brings some fresh life into those songs as you can definitely hear Igor’s bass drums better than on the Roots record. Some people also complain that Max’s voice fades near the end. Honestly, it does just a little bit, but it isn’t enough to ruin it at all. Some of the most interesting tracks here are Kaiowas, Beneath the Remains/Mass Hypnosis, Necromancer, Endangered Species, Policia and the cover of We Gotta Know with Strife. The sound quality is crystal clear and everything you would want from a Sepultura show in terms of energy. Sure there aren’t any songs from Schizophrenia but you can’t have everything. Another problem that some people have is that the band makes no money from this, nope, nadda, zero. Look at their website, you’ll see that they don’t mention this thing anywhere. Now if that really matters to you, the consumer, then you can go ahead and not buy this, or get it used, but if you are a hardcore Sepultura fan, then chances are you have bought 1 or 2 of the new Sepultura Albums with Derrick. Well, think of it this way. You had to spend your hard earned money on a CD with Derrick. Buying this balances things out. You gave them money for Against or whatever the hell Derrick is leading them and so buying this is a little payback don’t you think? Awe well, you don’t have to listen to me and my crazy ideas, but I hoped this helped. Max returning to Sepultura would be a godsend and in some ways he has when I listen to this.

    Posted on January 3, 2010