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Under the Influence

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  • I have been an Overkill fan since the release of 1987’s “Taking Over” I am glad that they still are playing music today, and even though the have combined elements of more straight-foward heavy metal with Thrash on newer albums, they are one of the few Thrash bands from the 80’s that still are making good music. Lets get to the review of 1988’s “Under the Influence” I still have the original cassette that I bought when this was released in 1988 and I can say that even then I was a bit disspointed with the album. The album starts out great with “Shred” but “Never say Never” is a dud. “Hello from the Gutter” is easily the best song on the album” and is followed by decent “Mad Gone World” and the awesome “Brianfade” “Drunken Wisdom” is a good thrash song musically, but the lyrics are really bad. “End of the Line”, “Head First” are pretty mediocre, and Overkill III lacks the energy of the first two parts. Even still out of nine tracks, Five are excellent, three are mediocre, and one is just plain bad. So even though the album as a whole only has really one horrid song, why only 3 stars? Reason being is that this album really pulls away from the 4 other excellent albums recorded from 1985-1991. “Feel the Fire”, “Taking Over”, “Years of Decay”, and “Horrorscope” are true Overkill classics, each one being a five star effort, yet “Under the Influence” seems to dumb down a bit, and its almost like the black sheep of the family. Its no where near as bad as “W.F.O” and “The Killing Kind” (the two Overkill albums that I hate) but its still not up to the par during Overkill’s Glory Years.

    Posted on February 18, 2010