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Under the Running Board

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  • yes, you saw right, there are only three tracks on this cd. Why in gods name would you ever pay close to 10 dollars for three lonely tracks, only one of which passes the three minute mark? Well, if you’re a fan of dillinger escape plan than you really need to hear these tracks. the mullet burdon, aside from being a great Dillinger song, is the track that started creating a buzz for the band, way back when. It’s a fan favorit now, and rightly so. all three tracks are very good, and very impressive for such an early EP. sanbox magician is a very cool, and more jazzy song than usual, with a terribly slick outro. abe the cop is the least interesting track, in my opinion, but still nothing to scoff at. If you’ve never heard DEP, and for some reason you can’t find a copy of “calculating infinity” this is a great place to start. these songs(perhaps excluding abe the cop) are more immidatly accessable than the later material, as they are a bit less chaotic and complex. These songs are a little ruffer than the ones found on calculating infinity,(there’s a pretty cheesy sample of glass breaking in the middle of sanbox magician) but there’s still a lot of what makes dillinger so great here. It’s also fun to see how far they’ve come as a band. So if you can find this cheap, I recomend picking it up. I think it’s actually a little better than the self titled release,(a collection of older and previously unreleased songs) despite the short length.

    Posted on February 21, 2010