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Under the Running Board

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  • Under The Running Board is an average EP at best. The score isn’t because of how short this is, the length doesn’t bother me because you are getting what you pay for. But the music isn’t that great. It still is pretty fun to listen to, but it’s not that chaotic and doesn’t make me want to rip one anew. I didn’t expect much from this album though, but hey, that’s alright.

    Things actually get off to a really awesome start with the first track, The Mullet Burden. This track is actually really explosive, and I was very impressed by the explosion. It starts with creepy, tense siren like noises, then the drums go into a fill. Them, at the stop of a dime, BAM!!!! The band explodes and goes totally nuts. It’s not chaotic and physcotic in the music, but that explosion makes up for it. It kind of delves into meh, but it stops and goes into a pretty fun second part. A bunch of icy guitars breakdown again, and a little lead drives the song home. Sandbox Magician chugs along, gets serene, and loses control again. After a smather of double bass, we go into another groove like hardcore part. The Sound of glass breaking goes into a madness like passage, and goes into a jazzy groove not too far out from Weekend Sex Exchange, except with metal riffs. It repeats itself once again, and drives it home. Abe The Cop starts out kind of soft, then chugs along again like a train. It then stops on a dime, and starts going off the edge like a train. It breaks down once again, with spacey vocals and cool basslines. A menacing riffs once again explodes, and the song is driven home once again via crazy vocals, samples of weeping, and a repeat of the intro.

    It’s obvious that DEP was still developing, as this does feel a bit stale, especially compared to the manic Calculating Infinity, the finely tuned Miss Machine, or the focused, refined, Ire Works. Still though, not too bad of a listen. And unlike most hardcore metal, this isn’t bad, compared to most of the stale junk that plauges the genre. Worth a listen, anyway, and you can probably find a free way that’s legal to listen to this online.


    Posted on February 21, 2010