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Under the Running Board

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  • Although this EP is certainly overpriced (eight dollars for seven and half minutes of music), one should not deny the quality within. Consisting of only three songs, each pieces stands proudly on its own for possessing the unique sound that The Dillinger Escape Plan is known for. Off-time signatures, somewhat atonal leads, screams and the like. If you’re a current Dillinger listener, you know what I speak of.

    Although it’s difficult to select a stand-out track, I’d say Abe The Cop is perhaps (though completely subjective) the most developed piece here, with many in’s and out’s that make it consistently interesting throughout. Regardless of personal favorites, and as mentioned before, all three tracks are of a supreme quality.

    If you don’t mind spending the money (and if you’re a fan, you probably don’t) that equals out to be more than a dollar per minute here, this is a worthy addition to your Dillinger collection.

    Also, just to make it clear, I gave the release four stars for its rather ridiculous price, in which I do realize the band has no control over these matters, although I do try to make it a point to review the product as a whole, rather than one aspect of it.

    Posted on February 21, 2010