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Under the Sign of the Black Mark

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  • This is a great primitive black metal album. Quorthon’s way of writing simplistic but ultra-fast guitar riffs hovering over an insistent drum beat manages to have an hypnotic effect on the listener. This guy really know how to make technical inaptitude an advantage, fully exploiting the repetitiveness of the song to make an impact of doom and darkness. His anguished croak is also one of the finest voice in black metal, successfully conveying the distress, sadness and fury of the music. Full speed trashers like “Massacre”, “Equimanthorn”, “chariots of fire” and “…of doom” are very energic and a full display of raging fury, while remaining very memorable. Mid tempo songs like “call from the grave”, “woman of dark desires”, “13 candles” and “enter the eternal fire” creates a successful hypnotic mood of darkness and despair. This album is a masterpiece!

    Posted on January 4, 2010