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  • I started listening to Tool when I heard “Stinkfist” on the radio about 3 years ago. I remember thinking that this song was unlike any I had ever heard and decided to buy Aemina, not knowing there were other Tool albums out there. Within a few days, I was listening to nothing else. I decided to get educated about Tool and bought their other two albums. All 3 are simply an incredible array of fantastic music, complex lyrics, and outright catharsis. Undertow contains some of their best work such as Crawl Away, Prison Sex, Swamp Song, and 4 Degrees. Maynard James Keenan may well be the most dominating figure in 90’s rock/metal (sorry Ed Vedder, you don’t cut it anymore). Do yourself a huge favor and start listening to this wholly original and powerful band. Everything else sounds pathetic in comparison. Tool is an anomaly that lives up to the hype while inspiring those who listen to free their minds to new perspectives. This, in my view, is what music is supposed to do.

    Posted on February 6, 2010