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  • Chances are, if you were curious enough to surf over to this page to see about this soundtrack, you should buy it because you’re bound to find something you like on here. Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle) spear-headed this project, using his connections to turn out the darkest and possibly most unique compilation of 2003. For fans of Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan, you need this. The infamous frontman makes four scattered appearances here. There are two A Perfect Cirle remixes here for ‘Judith’ and ‘Weak & Powerless.’ The former is a slowed down, moodier peice of work than the original, which benefits from some interesting string arrangements, while the latter is an over-caffeinated reworking that beefs up the power of the original song. Keenan also collaborates with Lohner under the moniker Puscifier on the track ‘REV 22:20.’ This song is a bit different than Keenan’s other work. It’s very stripped down and quiet, yet extremely potent and bruising. And finally, Maynard joins forces with Red Hot Chili Peppers axe-man John Frusciante on a very odd remix of David Bowie’s ‘Bring Me The Disco King.’ Limited-time-only supergroup The Damning Well give the album a nice kick start. Featuring Filter frontman Richard Patrick, Ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, Lohner & Josh Freese, (now honestly, who HASN’T he played with) ‘Awakening’ is a energetic, albeit bouncy cut (thanks in part to Borland’s style) that turns out really well. It would be nice to hear more collaborations from these guys. Nu-metallers Trustcompany slow it down a bit for the Danny Lonher remix of ‘Hover,’ turning out their best track to date. Featuring violins played by Paz Lechantin (A Perfect Circle/Zwan) this track serves as a highlight of the album, and is the polar opposite of the band’s original version. Finch, however, deliver one of their heaviest tunes with ‘Worms of the Universe.’ The song is quick, to the point and just plain rocks. The Icarus Line, a band who I had never heard until this album surprised me with their own brand of Black Sabbath-esque stoner-rock, and Lisa Germano and Milla bring it down a notch with their hushed, moody songs. Overall, it’s a great soundtrack. It fits the movie very well in the same vein as the original “The Crow” soundtrack. If you like the way the track-listing looks, you really should pick this up.

    Posted on February 9, 2010