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Undoing Ruin

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  • Ok, so I just bought this album and I can’t explain the absolute bewilderment that an album could be this good. Darkest Hour’s first EP was an introduction leading to the epic “The Mark Of The Judas”, which in my opinion is very similar to this CD in its energy and power. Next came So Sedated, So Secure, an excellent follow up to TMOTJ, and next in my opinion their worst album Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation. After reading the other reviews on this website I was suprised to see how many people thought that HHOASN is Darkest Hour’s best CD… Personally, I think it has very little melodic thought and musicality other than Veritas, Aequitas.

    Anways… getting back to the subject matter of this CD. Every song on this CD other than district divided seems to have a unique quality unparalled by any other Darkest Hour CD. With the great suspension part in With A Thousand Words To Say But One, and the crazy fast solo in Sound The Surrender, Darkest Hour really shows that this is the metal album of the decade.

    Here’s my breakdown of the songs..

    1. With A Thousand Words To Say But One – 10/10 (Great chorus and harmony with the most suspensful part in the entire CD)

    2. Convalescence – 9/10 (Cool solo, but after listening to it enough times it just gets old)

    3. This Will Outlive Us – 7/10 (Eh, almost random solo that doesn’t have a true flow and nothing else to really make it better)

    4. Sound The Surrender – 10/10 (Best… Solo… Ever…)

    5. Pathos – 9/10 (Great break from the constant hard metal)

    6. Low – 8/10 (Not really pronounced and mediocre lyrics compared to other songs)

    7. Ethos – 7/10 (To tell you the truth, I had no idea this song was on the cd the first couple times, I thought it was part of Low)

    8. District Divided – 6/10 (Worst Song on the album, no unique features or solos, very boring)

    9. These Fevered Times – 10/10 (Amazing solo, great chorus, all around spectacular song that gets stuck in your head)

    10. Paradise – 10/10 (Gloomy lyrics, no pun intended, but amazing nonetheless)

    11. Tranquil – 10/10 (This finishes off the triple hit of songs to make the end of this CD amazing.)

    Posted on February 16, 2010