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Undoing Ruin

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  • Yea I agree with the other guy, its not quite the cd of the decade but it is the best cd that has come out this year and that is saying something. And Franky I must state again your are really gay. Not because of ur ranking or anything just because you are trying to tell me that KORN!!!! the epitamy of sell outs along with trapt and 3 days grace (two of the worst bands to hit the market in years) are better than darkest hour. If you were a musician, which definitly you are not by the way you talk, you would appreciate the music more if you had any understanding of how much they have progressed over the years. And to say that the drummer is mediocre at best just makes you even look dumber. the drummers from the bands you are talking about couldnt come close to keeping up with him. and the solos that mike plays are a lot better than you think, but of course you wouldnt know anything about that now would ya. Sorry but you dont need to be saying stuff about bands if you dont know anything about music. Go back to ur 4/4 Korn and stay out of true metal you dumbf***!

    Posted on February 16, 2010