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This collector’s edition contains two brand new bonus tracks ’Scarstruck’ & ’Addict’ as well as a plethora of online blackness including ’Darkness Of Christ’ (DVD intro), ’Bloodline’ (CD-Rom video), ’Raining Blood’ (live-CD-Rom video, interview/V Roll footage-CD-Rom video). 2002.While thrash-metal peers Metallica and Megadeth have mellowed both musically and lyrically, Slayer’s music and message remains unrelentingly anti-nearly-everything and almost unspeakably brutal. Without significant radio airplay, the hard-core California-bred quartet has amassed a loyal fan base that will not be disappointed by the 42 minutes of sheer aggression found on God Hates Us All. The twin-guitar onslaught of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, coupled with the rapid heartbeat double bass drums of Paul Bostaph, match the often sacrilegious and abhorrent-to-many lyrics, made even more disturbing by the fact that the CD’s release coincided with the World Trade Center tragedy. This is metal for atheists, as King writes terrifyingly prophetically: ”Pessimist, terrorist, targeting the next mark/ Global chaos feeding on hysteria.” In keeping with the album’s doomsday outlook, ”New Faith” offers: ”Welcome to the horror of the Revelation.” A terrifyingly vitriolic and too-real album, God Hates Us All more than earns the parental advisory sticker it carries. –Katherine Turman

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  • Hey, I LOVE these guys (In a truly non-homosexual manner). But the problem I have with this release is the fact that it is not a “greatest” album. When I glanced at the tracks on the first disc, I giggled with glee thinking that an Over Kill best of finally made its way out. Quite frankly, I am sooo tired of trying to equalize and normalize all of my fave tracks for my MusicKeg. If I would have looked a little closer, I would have noticed that the track listing of disc 1 matched “Wrecking Everything:Live”. So, In a nutshell, to all of you waiting for ‘Kill to release a ‘Best of’, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Contained herein is ‘Wrecking’ and ‘Killbox 13′. If you’re new to Over Kill, this comes with the highest recomendation. It is a perfect blend of where they started and where they are going. For the rest, It kinda sucks if you already have these two albums. I gave it three stars for that reason alone.

    Posted on March 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is wrecking everything live and Killbox 13 together. This was never advertised as a greatest hits at all.

    The live cd is amazing , probablly one of the best live recordings ever. It Lives, I Hate, Years of Decay and Overkill are the best ones.

    Killbox 13 is the album almost all Overkill fans rant about but I thought it wa just okay. Devil by the Tail, Struck Down, and Sound Of Dying are all worth the price of this isc alone. Listen to the breakdown in Struck Down with its Bass solo and guitar solos and youll be hitting repeat many times.

    Posted on March 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now