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United Abominations

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  • Dave Mustaine and Megadeth only seem to get better with time! This album just SHREDS from beginning to end! Dave Mustaine(yet again) was able to find the BEST musicians for the new lineup. The drover brothers SHRED! Glen’s playing reminds me of Marty Friedman(listen to the title track). James Lomenzo(while not as good as Ellefson, of course) is able to give the band a nice edge with some catchy basslines. Getting back to Mustaine, his solos are as fantastic as ever! He only seems to get better with age! It’s tough to decide between Dave’s best lead on here since they’re all great in their own way. And if you Deth heads are worried about the riffs, don’t worry because the crunchy, brutal riffs from the Peace Sells days are BACK! That’s especially evident on “Play For Blood” and “Amerikhastan”. Okay, lets get on with the songs:

    1. Sleepwalker: This is, in my opinion, Megadeth’s best song in years! It starts off with a nice acoustic intro before going off into some shredding riffs. The lyrics are very cool! “No one is safe, when I close my eyes, I’ve come to take your life!” The solos in this song are wild and show that Glen Drover will be a great contributer for the band for many years to come(That’s if Dave keeps him. lol). You’ll know that Megadeth’s back to their thrashin’ roots after listening to this song. BRILLIANT! 10/10
    2. Washington Is Next: This song’s all about great GUITAR WORK. It starts off with a riff that reminds me of Megadeth’s 1990 epic “Hangar 18″. And for you people that keep saying that the opening riff for WA Is Next is a ripoff of Maiden’s “Wasted Years”, shut up already! Sorry, I just wanted to get that out of the way. Anyway, right after the opening riff, Shawn Drover does some excellent double bass drumming over some great Mustaine riffs. I love the chorus. You will find yourself singing along to it. This song also has a great solo section in the middle. The solos by Drover are some of the craziest Deth solos ever. The song ends with some solo fills and a feedback noise(for whatever reason). Excellent track! 10/10
    3. Never Walk Alone…A Call to Arms: This is a great track that starts off with a riff VERY similar to “Vortex” off of “Cryptic Writings”. Not to worry, though, since this is much better than that song. I love the riffs in the chorus. The song also has an EXCELLENT solo section in the middle with an outstanding clean interlude over some guitar harmonies(which I love). Outstanding track! 10/10
    4. United Abominations: UA is, in my opinion, the best track on the cd. It has some heavy, chugging riffs to go along with Mustaine talking about how the “UN is a done”. The obvious highlight of the song, though, is the melodic solo section in the middle. The solo is, in my view, the best on the entire record and one of the best in Megadeth history. It definitely goes back to the RIP days. Mustaine does some excellent shred solos and Drover shows, yet again, that he belongs in Megadeth. The final part of the solo(the best part?) is a twin guitar harmonization that reminds me of Iron Maiden. The best track on the cd(in my book). 13/10
    5. Gears of War: This song is named after the game “Gears of War”. It isn’t the best on the cd but it’s still excellent. It has some nice, heavy riffs and a melodic solo section in the end. It ends with a Dave Mustaine solo and helicopter noises. 10/10
    6. Blessed Are The Dead: Doesn’t stand out from all of the others but it’s still great. His some nice lyrics and some great solos at the end. 10/10
    7. Play For Blood: Remember when I said that some of the riffs on this album go back to the Peace Sells days? Well, the riffs on this song definitely do. This song has, by far, Megadeth’s most complex riffs since the RIP days. If there’s one thing that stands out from all the rest in this song, though, it’s the GUITAR SOLOS! Pardon me if I’m wrong but this song has over 10 SOLOS! Each one of them is better than the last. After listening to this song, you would think that Mustaine and Glen Drover have been working with each other for over 20 years. Stunning track! 12/10
    8. A Toute Le Monde(Set Me Free): By far the worst track on the cd and it’s not too hard to see why. Mustaine did a REMAKE of his already classic song from 1994’s “Youthanasia”. What was he thinking? The chick in this song adds some nice vocals and Drover does a great interpretation of the solo in the middle(Marty still owns it, though) but that doesn’t save this song. 8/10
    9. Amerikhastan: WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE NOT LIKE THIS SONG? This track could’ve EASILY been on Peace Sells. In fact, this is Megadeth’s heaviest song since those days(in my opinion). It simply SHREDS with scorchin’ solos from both Mustaine and Drover. Mustaine again shows why he’s the metal GOD! He’s still shreddin’ like a madman at age 46. Mustaine delivers probably his best solo on the album in the middle of the song(it’s the tapped solo). The ending of the song is Megadeth’s heaviest moment since the Peace Sells days! Scorching song! This is, by far, the most underrated track on the cd. 12/10
    10. You’re Dead: I don’t know who came up with the idea of this song because it’s very odd. It absolutely rocks, though, with some SHREDDISTIC solos toward the end. VERY HEAVY both lyrically and musically. Eventhough I’m not a big fan of Slayer, this song definitely reminds me of them. 10/10
    11. Burnt Ice: This is a PERFECT closer to the album! It starts off with Mustaine doing a very odd tapping lick before going into a section with some solo fills. All of the solos in this song are Hangar 18-like. The riff towards the end leading up to the final solos also could’ve easily been on Hangar 18. Speaking of solos, Dave Mustaine shows us why he’s the GOD of metal! His solo at the end shreds, rips, tears, and brutalizes everything in its path! A perfect closer to a superb album! 10/10

    There you have it! This is(for my money) the album of the year for 2007!!! Hey Metallica, you should go pick this album up and learn something! Maybe you should learn about how to write songs! Hey Lars, here are some more trashcan drums to keep you going. Metallica’s producer to Kirk “I’m gay” Hammet: “Hey Kirk, I have a great idea!” Kirk: “What?” Metallica’s producer to Kirk: “How about you tune your guitar all the way down. Lets make something pop sounding.” Kirk: “Great idea! You’re a genious!” HAHAHA! Metallica can only dream of making an album like this! METALLICA SUCKS! MEGADETH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on November 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dave Mustaine has dusted off his guitar for this.. some blistering solos are on this cd. Lyrically it is broad. Political, personal ect.. This cd is better than ‘System’ which was better than ‘Hero’, which was better than ‘Writings’ ect… Now they (mustaine i should say) have come full circle with a great cd that delivers on all levels.
    The only issue is the ‘LeMonde’ cover.. Its pretty horrid.. the original is much better.. Hate the fact that he is trying to spin some airplay by dueting. And the original SOUNDS much better. This is very cheesy. Sad for such a classic song. ‘Washington is Next’ is pretty bad as well. Points deducted…
    If you liked older Megadeth. youll like this. Especially if you liked Rust In Peace.
    If your affraid of Mustaine being a christian now and lightening up, think again.
    Finally he has lived up to the promise of a great cd. Thanks Dave. Now you can actually say your band has surpassed Metallica. Better late than never. With good handling by RR records, this may sell better than Metallica’s newer stuff as well.

    Posted on November 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A number of established bands have taken a more political stance than ever before the past couple years, and Megadeth is no different. Since Dave Mustaine re-formed the band (with a new lineup yet again), he’s back on track and looking back to the glory days of 80’s thrash metal that he helped pioneer. “United Abominations” is just that, as Megadeth makes their debut on Roadrunner Records with this raw sounding, politically laced treat that may very well be the album of the year. Opening track “Sleepwalker” slams forward with Mustaine’s scratchy voice and ripping guitars, while “Washington is Next!”, “Never Walk Alone…A Call to Arms”, “Play for Blood”, and the title track are all excellent metal blasts as well. What longtime fans of the band will notice right off the bat however is a remake of Megadeth’s mid-90’s hit single, “A Tout Le Monde”. Here, we get “A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)” which is a faster, more driven version of the song, and it also features Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia on vocals as well. This is Megadeth at their most raw and primitive sounding since “Peace Sells…”, which in itself is really saying something. Undoubtedly the best metal album of the year so far, “United Abominations” is a metal masterpiece.

    Posted on November 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • It’s a statement from Dave Mustaine to Metallica and the rest of the metal world saying “This is how it’s done kids.”

    The style is like a cross between “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?”, “Rust in Peace”, and “Countdown to Extinction” (their 3 best albums from their golden years). The new band spear-headed by the Drover brothers is incredible. Once upon a time, the Abbott brothers (Dimebag and Vinnie Paul) almost joined Megadeth. Circumstances kept that from happening that time, but not this time (too bad Glen Drover has since left the band). Glen Drover is completely awesome and his smooth flowing style complements Mustaine’s rough and tough style perfectly. Shawn Drover is the best drummer since the original drummer, the great Gar Samuelson. Come to think of it, they sound a lot like Dimebag and Vinnie.

    And it’s true what the Amazon reviewer says…the fact that a band, 25 years after its formation, can release an album like this is incredible. Make no mistake, this IS one of Megadeth’s BEST albums. It really shows what an absolute genius Mustaine is. The man is just dripping with awesome riffs and solos. He is the best and most prolific metal riff creator of all time. Let’s hope this is the start of a new golden era of Megadeth.

    Posted on November 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album is awesome. I haven’t been listening to Meagdeth for too long, but I have all of their albums from Killing Is My Business through Youthanasia, and The System Has Failed. For me though, I gravitate more toward 80’s Magdeth, the real thrash sound, basically their first 4 albums. I was somewhat disappointed with Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia, because they weren’t really thrash, but they grew on me. The System Has Failed was a relief to me because they sort of went back to their thrash roots. But, this album blows it away. Thrash Megadeth is back! I’ve always loved how Megadeth has multiple solos throughout their songs. This album is a total solo-fest. Solos everywhere. This album is heavy, loud, and fast. It’s a very political album, obviously, but Dave tells it like it is. If you like Megadeth you will love this album. If you like metal in general, you’ll love it. It does not disappoint. Highlights for me are Washington Is Next!, United Abominations, Gears of War, A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free), Play For Blood, and Burnt Ice. Burnt Ice has blazing solos. The whole second half of the song is basically a solo. I was rattling my goddamn head so much I got dizzy. Hell yeah. Nowadays, Metallica only wishes they can make an album like this, considering their last effort had no solos whatsoever. Megadeth’s bringing the thrash back. Rock on!

    Posted on November 11, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now