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United Abominations

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  • This album is awesome. I haven’t been listening to Meagdeth for too long, but I have all of their albums from Killing Is My Business through Youthanasia, and The System Has Failed. For me though, I gravitate more toward 80’s Magdeth, the real thrash sound, basically their first 4 albums. I was somewhat disappointed with Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia, because they weren’t really thrash, but they grew on me. The System Has Failed was a relief to me because they sort of went back to their thrash roots. But, this album blows it away. Thrash Megadeth is back! I’ve always loved how Megadeth has multiple solos throughout their songs. This album is a total solo-fest. Solos everywhere. This album is heavy, loud, and fast. It’s a very political album, obviously, but Dave tells it like it is. If you like Megadeth you will love this album. If you like metal in general, you’ll love it. It does not disappoint. Highlights for me are Washington Is Next!, United Abominations, Gears of War, A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free), Play For Blood, and Burnt Ice. Burnt Ice has blazing solos. The whole second half of the song is basically a solo. I was rattling my goddamn head so much I got dizzy. Hell yeah. Nowadays, Metallica only wishes they can make an album like this, considering their last effort had no solos whatsoever. Megadeth’s bringing the thrash back. Rock on!

    Posted on November 11, 2009