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United Abominations

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  • Dave Mustaine has dusted off his guitar for this.. some blistering solos are on this cd. Lyrically it is broad. Political, personal ect.. This cd is better than ‘System’ which was better than ‘Hero’, which was better than ‘Writings’ ect… Now they (mustaine i should say) have come full circle with a great cd that delivers on all levels.
    The only issue is the ‘LeMonde’ cover.. Its pretty horrid.. the original is much better.. Hate the fact that he is trying to spin some airplay by dueting. And the original SOUNDS much better. This is very cheesy. Sad for such a classic song. ‘Washington is Next’ is pretty bad as well. Points deducted…
    If you liked older Megadeth. youll like this. Especially if you liked Rust In Peace.
    If your affraid of Mustaine being a christian now and lightening up, think again.
    Finally he has lived up to the promise of a great cd. Thanks Dave. Now you can actually say your band has surpassed Metallica. Better late than never. With good handling by RR records, this may sell better than Metallica’s newer stuff as well.

    Posted on November 12, 2009