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United in Regret

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  • Hmmmm… At first I didnt know what to think, could this cd live up to the hype of Arsis trying to top their debut. I mean after “A Diamond for Disease” their songwriting ideas seemed to be in top notch form. It will be hard for me to give a proper review at this time, because this cd simply is a ton of stuff to soak up. I’ve listened to it at least 5-8 times all the way through and I am still trying to figure it all out. I remember the first time I popped it in I had to turn it off because I was hungover and it was hurting my brain. This is cerebral music my friends and it seems as though Arsis have upped the ante for technicality on this album.

    I would say that this album while slightly more technical than the debut has less “guitar wankery” or whatever you want to call it. It seems to me that James dialed down the hammer on’s, pull off’s and random soloing a little and concentrated on being more brutal, thrashy and the overall song arrangements. I would almost go to say it is less melodic than the debut. Dont freak out, of course it has all the classic Arsis sounds you would come to expect. Insanely fast, tight and technical drumming. Mind blowing guitar work, riffs and arrangements. Blackend higher pitched screams. A manic and overwhelming pace to the music. And my favorite of course, memorable solos, thoughtout leads, hammer on’s and pull off’s.

    “Lust Before the Maggots Conquest” is by far the best song, which is strange that it stands out that much, but you can easily tell it is the catchiest and the one that sounds like “A Diamond for Disease” the most. Although, of course every song has something to offer. “I Speak Through Shadows”, “The Cold Resistance” as well as the title track are other standout tunes. Just flat out awesome stuff.

    The entire album is a masterwork, some of the best stuff that has ever graced my ears. I dont want to compare the two LP’s to each other, cause maybe one is better than the other in certain ways. Who cares, just be happy that we have one of the leaders of melodic death metal genre coming from our country and their new album to chew on for a while. Do them a favor while your at it and buy the stinkin’ album.

    Posted on February 24, 2010