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United in Regret

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  • Virginia’s two-man technical melodeath band has another great album for you. And it’s called “United In Regret”.

    Here’s what you are going to get with this CD. 9 brilliant technical tracks that have taken lots of effort to make. This CD is more technical and less melodic than “A Celebration of Guilt”, but at least Arsis knows what they are doing, even with a slight change in sound. It’s not a change meant to disappoint. With unbelievable guitar and drum skills, how could you say no?

    I recommend that you pick up this CD if you dig melodic death metal like At The Gates, Intestine Baalism, and early In Flames. It will also please you if you enjoy Martyr, Anata and any bands of that kind. A definite top album of 2006, I must say!

    Posted on February 25, 2010