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  • Apart from the opener of the album Planet x Moonbabies this cd is far superior to that work. It is more focused, more direct, more heavy. In this case these adjectives are all compliments. Moonbabies is a good album but its music is too pointless in the end. Time signature changes for the sake of playing it without any musical reason are a bore after the first 2/3tracks! The formula isn’t too different in the case of this “Universe”, but the point here is a little bit more centered. It is industrial, metal, fusion music with awkward chord progressions but delivered with good chops and attitude. Sure what you can find here is still cold robotic, meaningless technical music, but it’s funny, enjoyable, more than Moonbabies’ music, for what I am concerned. It is really “space” music, when you start to listen to this cd it seems that a strange brutal space alien should come out of your speakers one minute or the other!! The sounds, expecially keyboards sounds really come from that same outer space. Oh, funny Derek boy c’mon dude, be serious next time!!

    Posted on January 9, 2010