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Unleashed in the East

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  • On Judas Priest’s first live album, Unleashed in the East(1979), they manage to package most of their greatest songs of the period onto one great live album. Every song is a proven winner in the studio, and most sound even better live. The tracks off Sad Wings are greatly aided by Les Binks’ fantastic drumming(chekc out that solo in Starbreaker). Glenn and K.K. fire off some sizzling guitar work, while Rob Halford(with some help from the studio) lays down some great vocals. However, Ian Hill begins his descent into mediocrity here, but for the most part his bass lines are effective and well-played. Overall this is one great albums, arguably the best they ever made, and I would STRONGLY recommend you buy this album first if you’re new to the band.

    Posted on December 22, 2009