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Unleashed in the East

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  • When I first listened to Unleashed in the East I thought it was a bit monotonous and similar to other hard rock/heavy metal that I’d heard – probably because the style here has so often been imitated. Then after a few years I found myself listening to it more often and more closely until I realized I was hooked. Now, I consider it one of my favorite albums. Here’s a short list of reasons why:1) The energy and power of the music, which is backed by fantastic riffs and leads that burn a hole in your consciousness. 2) Incredible musicianship. This includes the previously mentioned guitar work as well as the surrealistically talented Rob Halford on lead vocals and the drumming, which far outclasses that on later releases by Priest. 3) Lyrics that match the complexity and force of the music. 4) The quality of the recording. The sound has a depth that captures the feel of a concert hall in the way it fills and expands in your ears. Like many other great albums, Unleashed in the East transports you into it’s own atmosphere and keeps you riveted by it’s intensity. In the end, you feel as if you’ve been on a journey. One that you want to take over and over again. There’s a subtlety to it that might take some repeat listenings to notice. This includes various little effects and noises as well as the countless twists and turns in the music. Overall it’s a disc that creeps up on you gradually until all the sudden you don’t know what hit you. So put this one in your pipe and smoke it. You’ll soon wonder what the point of living is without it (to paraphrase Running Wild).

    Posted on December 22, 2009