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  • Unplugged is a fantastic performance… It’s fun to hear all of your favorite metal songs acousticalized, and most of them sound great. My personal favorites on this album are Over Now and Down In A Hole. Sludge Factory lost it’s incredibly scary, terrifying, suicidal edge, and Angry Chair didn’t sound very good unplugged. It doesn’t matter, because they’re still excellent songs, just as every other track on this album is. Jerry’s guitar was PERFECT, Mike’s bass was PERFECT, Layne’s vocals were PERFECT, and Kinney’s drums were PERFECT…. this just shows how great Alice is live: The best LIVE band, AND the best STUDIO band…. Killer Is Me is great, and so is No Excuses…… A MUST HAVE for all AIC fans! BUY IT!

    Posted on January 6, 2010