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Unquestionable Presence

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  • These are long overdue re-issues. Hats off to Relapse for finally having the sense to finally do it. Haven’t got Piece of Time yet but this one and Elements have undergone some major sound improvements. The original of this sounds fine, but the remaster seems to present everything much clearer and with more punch. The demos with Roger Peterson are a treat to hear. What an amazing bass player and writer, who knows where his career wouldv’e gone if he were still alive today. My only complaint is the printing job on this and especially Elements. Maybe it’s just my copies, but the printing is horrible. I know most people probably think it’s a minor detail, but being a graphic designer and somewhat of a anal critical perfectionist when it comes to printing, I’m pretty dissappointed with the reprinted artwork. Looks like it was just scanned from the original without any color correction, not reprinted from the original plates. The artwork on both covers lack the clarity of the originals and they seem much darker with a bit of blurriness to them. About the only people that seem to be able to get it right when it comes to printing is the Japanese. Anyway, that minor point aside, these re-issues are awsome. Essential for any prog rock/metal fan or simply fan of eclectic mmusic in general. Can’t wait to get Piece of Time.

    Posted on February 21, 2010