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DXS - The Musical Box - Vidéo

Site : Facebook : Merch : DXS : Julien - Lead Vocals/Guitars Jean-Michel - Keys Olivier - Drums Alexandre - Bass :: LYRICS :: Blood on the red tapestries Cold carmine shades of Death In my darkest fantasies Vanishing in her last breath All colors are fading fast A painter's palette washed with the rain Surrounded by the echoes of an eerie lullaby Overwhelming grief from the past An indelible somber stain Elusive memories of a beloved life that went awry What is this music? (It's haunting me) This wretched melody My heart feels so sick (It's killing me) Cries from a lost soul's plea Surreal scene from an old movie (This is not real) Tainted by the Devil's score The dancer spins endlessly (Endlessly) Awaiting the encore See me, take my hand Feel me, here I stand Taste me, I'm nowhere Trapped in this nightmare Her body face to the ground Childhood's innocence forgotten Unseen horrors were carved inside these young and lonely eyes Bewitched by this mysterious sound Longing for a lost haven Misguided by the siren's chant, drowned in deceit, sorrow and lies What is this music? (It's haunting me) This wicked melody My mind's chaotic (It's killing me) Looking for answers it can't see See me, take my hand Feel me, here I stand Taste me, I'm nowhere Trapped in this nightmare Fill my head with this song Dull and charming Take me where I belong So confusing Is this blood on my hand? Hate in my speech This rhythm soft and bland Stuck like a leech :: CREDITS :: Written & Directed by Anne-Laure Caquineau and Jean-Michel Denizart With Héléna Vautrin Mathieu Milella Aurélia Chauvet First assistant director Julien Maréchal Second assistant director Sophie Rossi Production Manager Olivier Schuster Director of photography Valentin Chevallier Camera operator Boris Canonge and Florian Estival Editor Thibaud Seidenbinder Assistant Editor Yohann Guillot First assistant camera Stéphane Degros Script Stéphanie Fournage Gaffer Etienne Arnold Best boy Yann Cruveiller Utillity Sound technician Luca Sant'Angelo Extra assistant Mathieu Fages-Plantier Lighting technician Jérôme Babize Grip Alexandre Fafin Catering Benjamin Rigot Catering assistant Sébastien Savone Claire Mousquet Gaëtan Tessier Valentin Colas Aurélie Desjardins Making Of Florent Clavet Hair & Makeup Linda Barkallah Makeup Assistant Aurelie Ormano Costume Designer Dominique Arnaud «The Musical Box» recorded & mixed@Discordance Studio by Jean-Michel Denizart Thanks Thierry Aguila Florentin Alcelay Mylène Joey Guillaume Joubert Alexandra Mei-Lan Mélodie Guillaume Morero Doriane Orlandini Flamby ProxyButterfly Gaëlle Perez Alice Pirani Sophie Rossi Cécile Tinevagio Michaelys Ruby Avec le soutien : du Théâtre Galli et la Mairie de Sanary-sur-mer de l'église Saint-Michel, Marseille du Restaurant Les 2 Frères, Aix-en-Provence de Calicot & Bengaline, Marseille de la Régie Culturelle PACA, Bouc-Bel-Air SATIS Jacques Sapiega Rémi Adjiman Frédéric Celly Sébastien Denis TSF Emblématic Films Jean-Pierre Blas Serge Bagnoli