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Until the End

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    Posted on March 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Just like cockroaches, We always keep coming back .. That’s what Mercedes once said in an interview and without a doubt it’s true, Despite their hard bumpy road ever since they started, The Landers never stopped, They have had a serious problems with their record label (Thank God not anymore), Problems with band members (Till this day, Kittie had nine members including the sisters) & Almost excepted in the heavy metal scene because of their gender as females.

    In the album ‘Until The End’ Kittie improved Lyrically, Vocally & Musically, They’ve just came along way since their debut ‘Spit’ which was nu-metal and full of teen angst, You would definately feel that they matured, The album has 10 great songs and one extra remix.

    1. Look So Pretty – Awesome intro
    2. Career Suicide – Has some great lyrics there
    3. Until The End – A really emotional song that is growl free
    4. Red Flag – Best song on this album, Raw, Heavy & Strong
    5. Sugar – One of those heavy crazy songs
    6. In Dreams – Another growl free song with a different Kittie style
    7. Into The Darkness – The album’s single release, Good song but it doesnt really represents Kittie (In MY opinion)
    8. Burning Bridges – (Hell Above, Your Star Is Below), Just too HOT
    9. Loveless – I Really dont like this song until this day
    10. Daughters Down – Great finale song that revolves around their record label
    11. Into The Darkness (Vocal Remix) – Bleh ?!

    This album should be rubbed in the faces of the sexist male heavymetallers, Girls CAN rock and even better than some guys, Kittie until now are underrated with a lack of respect in the Heavy Metal scene, I’m sure that they’ll earn the respect they deserve soon.

    Earlier this year, Jennifer Arroyo & Lisa Marx left the band leaving the Landers all alone but of course they didnt give in and started their OWN clothing line and just recruited two more members (Trish & Tara), NEW Kittie material will be introduced after a couple of months, Haha that just proves my point of view about Kittie

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • In today’s crazy insane world, Kittie gives us a good release. First off I love Kittie and stand by everything they do…..This cd is what made me a fan and buy the rest of their records.—most people dont say that. I will talk about the songs in the order they appear on the cd. 1. Look So Petty is a classic song that reminds me of the Oracle cd. It is very heavy with some little riff here and there and some screaming, no singing here :) 2. Carrer Suicide has to be one of the best songs on the cd. My local radio station plays it so it must be a single. It is very catchy and if you play guitar you know it is a song that has been written 1,000 different time by 1,000 different people…..but the chorus is totally original. (Nirvana – something in the way) just to name one song is what reminds me of carreer suicide. Morgans singing is brilliantly catchy with hooks that will make you remember the song instantly. they should’ve made a video for this song definitely. I love the Spit album best but this song is my favorite kittie song. 3. Don’t believe what people say when they say this song is the best…..this song is good but i simply think that this song could’ve been alot better but after time….. you grow to love it. 4. Red flag is a song thatll totally get anyone pumped up……morgan sings hardcore the whole time …it is so fun to her her sing to this song. The chorus tho she sings melodic and is original. If you wanted to hear an average song of Kittie’s Until the End then this would be my pick. 5. Sugar has to be the hardest song here. Quickly at the begining of the song we are introduced to outragous vocals…. i think the lyrics are great here…”takin the long way home”??? “my heart still bleeds for you”???? im not sure if those are the right lyrics it is just what i interpete 6. In Dreams is a very meoldic and fun song to listen to…. if you don’t like screaming, and prefer singing…..then this song delivers on every level. It has a somewhat poppy chorus. I LUV it….7. My second favorite track of this album is for sure, Into the Darkness….It has a very PUNK ROCK verse….which is what made me instantly attraced to Into the Darkness. It is probably the track that has shown just how much Kittie has changed and grown. 8. Burning Brideges is awesome. That take what sounds like an industrial sample and make it fit into their metal sound which adds an extra cringe feeling to it. Burning Bridges…..hmmm…..sounds like morgan is on steroids….not really but she IS GREAT on this song and i like the clean guitar sounds. 9. Loveless is a song that has touched me very personally…. i think this world is not loving enough currently and im totally down with this song….my third favorite….you will love this sad kind of reminds me of in dreams’ sad bridge. 10 Daughters Down is another rocking song…Kittie stresses crunchy riffs and should be declared a headbanging anthem to all. ;) there ya go if you heard spit/paperdoll ep/oracle/safe ep. (which were awesome and totally worth purchase) and want to listen to a REAL band now, check out Kittie’s Until the End….I loved this album becomes it hits home and touches me personally.

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Until the End is Kittie’s most outstanding release to date. They went from sounding like a female Slipknot to gaining a sound of their own. Morgan Landers growling (screeching, screaming, whatever) is much better from the previous two releases. Also the songs lyrics are deep, and meaningful. You can tell this one came straight from the heart.

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After a hard choice between the new Otep or Kittie cd on tuesday.. i have no regret of getting Until The End. If only the cd was more then 10 tracks long (not counting the vocal mix of In The Darkness) it would have got the well deserved five stars..

    Look So Pretty 8/10- overall a good opening track starts. the 01:05 intro may make you want to fast forward to the signature kittie screaming. (you look so pretty digging your grave, you look so pretty, what’s left to save?)

    Career Suicide 4/10- nothing in this track really stands out to me that much. but it’s still decent. Morgan’s voice sounds great singing the chorus (Convictions see you through, are you all you know)

    Until The End 9.5/10- oddly enough this is probably my favorite track at the moment.. sure theres no screaming which gives it a darker more serious sound.. but it’s really catchy and clings on to you. (We were blessed in this lifetime, laid to rest, all we live for.)

    Red Flag 9/10- this song is good. great mixture of singing and screaming and has some of the best lyrics on the cd. (You’re cold and calculating, a knife held to my lips, and this anticipating blade bleeding for a kiss.)

    Sugar 8/10- nice and heavy. starts off kinda fast then slows down and picks back up. (Taking the long way home, my heart still bleeds for you)

    In Dreams 7.5/10- I could see this song being played alot on any rock radio station. very catchy and mainstream sounding. (Wide awake and dreaming, is this what it seems, close my eyes forever)

    Into The Darkness 8/10- it’s their new single. check out the video if you havent.

    Burning Bridges 8.5/10- one of the heaviest on the album. if you’re a fan of morgan’s screaming you’ll love this one. (Hell above your star is below.)

    Loveless 9/10- this song showcases morgan’s singing skills. very good track.(This fall from grace is in my hands)

    Daughters Down 7.5/10- brutal is the only word to describe morgan’s screaming in this song. (Hold your daughters down, throw your daughters down.)

    Into the Darkness(vocal remix) 9/10- It’s great the girls of Kittie decided to throw this in. personally i prefer this over the original.

    Overall, Kittie did a great job with this new album but could have done better by adding more songs. but if you have spit or oracle and enjoy it.. then you should go out and buy this..

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now