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Until the End

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  • A lot of people quickly dismissed this album because it’s nu-metal and because this band (Kittie) have released some albums in the past which have been pretty mediocre. I must admitt I was skeptical about it, at first, too; but once I actually listened to it, “Until The End” became the biggest surprise for me in 2004. Kittie’s songwriting has greatly improved, so every song on here is very solid. Plus, every song has a handful of good riffs and crafty hooks, so most of the songs are catchy and memorable, as well. “Until The End” has two vocal styles: Jennifer Arroyo hisses like a cat bred with a snake, and frontwoman Morgan Lander’s singing is clean and melodic. I prefer Morgan’s vocal style, but Jennifer’s hissing does go pretty well with the music. The cheekily titled album opener, “Looks So Pretty,” is the first of several blistering tracks on here–it has booming riffs and a churning rhythm. Other highlights include “Career Suicide” (where Morgan’s melodic, backing vocals work like a charm), the catchy chug and churn riffs and wailing vocals on the title track, the ultra heavy fifth track (which has pounding riffs and a somewhat creepy spoken word refrain), and the very catchy single “Into The Darkness” (the vocal remix of this song at the end of the album is completely cleanly sung). So, yes Kittie are a nu-metal band; and yes, they are a group of young girls, but if you listen to “Until The End” with an open mind, you should be like me (very pleasantly surprised)! Give it a shot.

    Posted on March 14, 2010