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Until the End

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  • Just like cockroaches, We always keep coming back .. That’s what Mercedes once said in an interview and without a doubt it’s true, Despite their hard bumpy road ever since they started, The Landers never stopped, They have had a serious problems with their record label (Thank God not anymore), Problems with band members (Till this day, Kittie had nine members including the sisters) & Almost excepted in the heavy metal scene because of their gender as females.

    In the album ‘Until The End’ Kittie improved Lyrically, Vocally & Musically, They’ve just came along way since their debut ‘Spit’ which was nu-metal and full of teen angst, You would definately feel that they matured, The album has 10 great songs and one extra remix.

    1. Look So Pretty – Awesome intro
    2. Career Suicide – Has some great lyrics there
    3. Until The End – A really emotional song that is growl free
    4. Red Flag – Best song on this album, Raw, Heavy & Strong
    5. Sugar – One of those heavy crazy songs
    6. In Dreams – Another growl free song with a different Kittie style
    7. Into The Darkness – The album’s single release, Good song but it doesnt really represents Kittie (In MY opinion)
    8. Burning Bridges – (Hell Above, Your Star Is Below), Just too HOT
    9. Loveless – I Really dont like this song until this day
    10. Daughters Down – Great finale song that revolves around their record label
    11. Into The Darkness (Vocal Remix) – Bleh ?!

    This album should be rubbed in the faces of the sexist male heavymetallers, Girls CAN rock and even better than some guys, Kittie until now are underrated with a lack of respect in the Heavy Metal scene, I’m sure that they’ll earn the respect they deserve soon.

    Earlier this year, Jennifer Arroyo & Lisa Marx left the band leaving the Landers all alone but of course they didnt give in and started their OWN clothing line and just recruited two more members (Trish & Tara), NEW Kittie material will be introduced after a couple of months, Haha that just proves my point of view about Kittie

    Posted on March 14, 2010