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  • This Album is a huge disappointment for anyone looking for a saviour of the declining “numetal” scene. It has none of the raw power of their first effort and is not anywhere near as innovative as their third. This is a continuation of everything that was wrong with Issues (their weakest effort). This band is not, what their publicist would deem, maturing in there efforts. Nor are they contributing to the evolution of numetal in any positive direction. After years of being innovators in the metal scene they now seem content to follow their own imitators in producing polished radio friendly pop melodies (listening to “Alone I break” is painful for any fan of Korn’s old sound). They seem to have forgotten who their fanbase is, in trying to appel to a broader rock audience. No longer does Davis growl through clenched teeth. He now sings atmospheric rock music, alien to fans of their earlier sunken live sound. This CD is not a good buy for oldschool fans. That said, it might appel to fans of the type of corporate-massed-produce sounds of bands like Papa Roach, Disturbed etc.

    Posted on March 17, 2010