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  • Its been nearly 3 long years since music’s most compelling band has released an album. Many fans who thought “Issues” was a bit flat (which granted, it was) were eagerly anticipating KoRn’s next release in the hopes that it would save “nu-metal” from the past 3 years of monotonous, imitator music put out by polised, radio friendly bands like Disturbed, Linkin Park, Puddle of Crap, etc. Well fans of real music, the day has arrived. “Untouchables” is here and it does not dissappoint. I, like thousands of others, downloaded this CD back in March, but I also made damn sure that I was one of the first in line to buy the CD midnight on June 11th. This is a great CD, as its the next logical progression from “Issues”. If I were to compare it to any other KoRn album, it would probably be “Issues”, only “Untouchables” has much more memorable riffs, choruses, and songs in general. “Issues” seemed thrown together and each song seemed to bleed into the next with no real focus. “Untouchables”, however, is very well put together. Practically every song is memorable and KoRn pushes the boundaries of their sound on songs like “Hollow Life”, which has a very serious/eerie vibe to it. Then you have songs like “Hating”, which has an 80s electronica vibe to it with a very big, epic sound. “Wake Up Hate” has a major techno/rave sound while still remainng quite heavy. The great thing about this album is that it is innovative, and it makes the other wannabe bands in the scene look very unoriginal and stupid. Albums like this are what is needed to keep the scene legitimate and keep it evolving. Its a shame that bands like Coal Chamber, Nothingface, and Deftones, (just to name a few) don’t get enough publicity because they’re raw and cutting-edge, and bands like Drowning Pool & Limp Bizkit are all over media because they play catchy, pointless songs with a recycled KoRn sound. I hope “Untouchables” sells millions of copies, and I hope KoRn finally get the noteriety and respect they disserve. No, this album is not as good as their 1st (but what album is?) but it is still very very badass. Here’s a brief rundown of the songs:1)”Here To Stay” – 9/10 (1st single; picture a riot starting to this song)2)”Make Believe” – 6/10 (only song I might call flat; very slow, spooky-core vibe to it)3)”Blame” – 9/10 (very good song; possibly the best on the album)4)”Hollow Life” – 9/10 (very origional and different; creepy, gothic feel to it; great singing)5)”Bottled Up Inside” – 8/10 (great opening rhythm; heavy chugging guitars; awesome, slow jam session around the 2:27-2:52 mark)6)”Thoughtlessness” – 9/10 (2nd single; very dynamic; Jonathon shouts angrily ocassionally, reminescent of the old days)7)”Hating” – 9/10 (not a typical KoRn song, but I love it; great chorus; almost a ballad)8)”One More Time” – 7/10 (gothic, loungy feel to it; okay song)9)”Alone I Break” – 7/10 (no heavy parts in this song; very industrial; NIN vibe; cool singing though)10)”Embrace” – 9/10 (very good song; good energy; could be heaviest song on the album)11)”Beat It Upright” – 8/10 (wickedly heavy opening rhythm; very cool, very perverted song)12)”Wake Up Hate” – 8/10 (heavy techno/industrial/rave song; hint of NIN at some parts)13)”I’m Hiding” – 7/10 (starts out brutally heavy; song itself kind of drags, jon saves it with a great chorus)14)”No One’s There” – 6/10 (this song didn’t make an impression on me; not bad, just a bit slow and monotonous)15)”Here To Stay Remix” – 7/10 (not bad; you can understand the lyrics better; it’ll get your head bobbing)Thanks for reading this. I hope this album made a similar impression on you as well. KoRn owns!!!

    Posted on December 10, 2009