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Up from the Ashes

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  • Being a big fan of the band Dokken, I was pretty ticked off when they broke up in “88″ and like alot of other fans, I thought that Don was the one at fault. When he first released this album I refused to buy it just because of that reason. I went out and bought all of Lynch’s solo albums and wasn’t too thrilled with them. Recently I decided to give this album a listen, so I bought it. Anyone who reads this review take my advice and buy this c.d. especially at this great price. This c.d. is one of the best that I have. The music, lyrics, production is fantastic. Don compiled one of the most talented group of musicians ever assembled and it definitely shows. The only Dokken albums that are as good as this one are “Tooth and nail” and “Under lock and key”. It is too bad that after George left the band this time around, Dokken did not hire John Norum to be it’s new guitarist because I prefer him over Reb Beach.

    Posted on January 20, 2010