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Up from the Ashes

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  • Even though this is under the name Don Dokken I consider this a Dokken album. A melodic metal album with great guitar and vocals. Don put togethor a supergroup for this album with members of Europe, Accecpt and Motorhead. I actually consider Billy White better than John Norum! Billy isn’t quite as good as Lynch but there are only a few guys in the history of rock music that were/are. Any way the added guitar harmonies are great and the solos are amazing. Don even plays some guitar on this album…something he hadn’t done since Breaking The Chains. This is a great album and could have been under the name Dokken.

    1.Crash ‘N’ Burn- 9/10 A great melodic song. The soft intro is great and it leads into an awesome fast melodic rocker. Don’s vocals are very strong too. An excellent guitar solo by Billy White too. A great opener

    2.1000 Miles Away- 10/10 Another great melodic song. Don Dokken’s vocals and lyrics are very strong and the guitar part is excellent. Another great guitar solo too.

    3.When Some Nights- 8/10 A good melodic song. The riff is good and Don’s vocals are good aswell. A great guitar solo with some excellent harmonies.

    4.Forever- 10/10 Another classic song. This sounds like classic Dokken. Don’s vocals are great and so is the guitar riff. Another great harmony guitar solo by Billy White and John Norum. This song is also very melodic like the others.

    5.Living a Lie- 9/10 A good poppy song. The riff is good and so is the chorus. More strong vocals from Don Dokken too. A great guitar solo too.

    6.When Love Finds a Fool- 10/10 A great ballad. The music is beautiful and Don’s voice is excellent. The chorus is great and the guitar sound is very good. Billy White’s guitar solo is amazing and good enough to be one of Lynch’s guitar solos. One of the best power ballads ever!

    7.Give It Up- 10/10 Another great melodic song. The riff is great and the drum sound is excellent. Don’s vocals are great as always and the chorus is good too. The shredding solo is great and sounds a lot like Lynch! Another classic.

    8.Mirror Mirror- 10/10 Another classic! Don’s vocals are excellent and the riff is great. The chorus is great too! Don’s only “solo” hit and one of the best songs on the album. Great solos by Billy white and John Norum too! This has that classic Dokken sound.

    9.Stay- 10/10 A great song that was going to be on the next Dokken album. This was written with Mick brown and the drums are great. The riff is great and Don’s vocals are excellent. The chorus is great too. Another great guitar solo by Billy White.

    10.Down in Flames- 10/10 A great intro which some excellent harmonies. A huge sound on this song too. Don’s voice is excellent as always too. The riff is great too. A great chorus too. This sounds like it could have been on Under Lock And Key. Another great solo too. One of my favorites on the album.

    11.The Hunger A great fast paced song with a good riff and excellent vocals. The chorus is excellent too. This sounds like classic Dokken too. The bridge is great and is my favorite part of the song. 2 amazing fast and melodic solos. These are solos that are up to George Lynch’s standards!! A classic and my favorite song on the album!

    The album is a must have for any dokken fans or melodic metal fans. This is more mellow than the past Dokken albums but still sounds like classic Dokken. Nothing really left to say execpt that this is a masterpeice!

    Don Dokken- Lead Vocals, Guitar
    Billy White- Lead Guitar
    John Norum- Lead Guitar, Vocals
    Mickey Dee- Drums, Percussion
    Peter Baltes, Bass, Vocals

    Posted on January 20, 2010