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Us and Them

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  • This is my first review, so I wanted to choose one of my favourite C.D’s to start off with. This is one of the best contemporary rock of 2005, a must buy for lovers of decent music. Almost every song on this C.D is incredible, not to be missed.

    These are my ratings for the songs on ‘Us And Them’

    1. The Dream: N/A Not exactly a song, a unique way to start the album off.

    2. Heroes: 9/10: I love this track. The vocals in this song are awesome, real catchy track.

    3. Save Me: 10/10: Another catchy track, builds up really well. Cool solo.

    4. I Dare You: 9/10: Definitely was one of my favourites when i first got this C.D, slightly overplayed it – still love it though.

    5. Yer Majesty: 10/10: My favourite track on this entire C.D. Great guitaring, really really catchy. Nice beat.

    6. Beyond The Sun: 9/10: I love most rock/metal ballads – you really get to see another side of a band. Beyond the Sun is an awesome track, if it wasn’t for this song, I probably would never have discovered Shinedown.

    7. Trade Yourself In: 9/10: Kind of reminds me of ‘Yer Majesty’ another catchy track.

    8. Lady So Divine: 10/10: I’m just learning to play the guitar, so of course I love this song. The solo is incredible, kinda sounds like a ‘Santana’ solo – a must hear for all guitar players.

    9. Shed Some Light: 9/10: I love this song. Another ballad, quite a mellow track.

    10. Begin Again: 8/10: Not one of my favourite’s, nothing really that memorable about it – some good screaming though.

    11. Atmosphere: 8/10: Eh. Good Song… but not as good as any of the other songs on this C.D. Decent guitar solo though.

    12. Fake: 8/10: Another O.K song, sounds like a bit of a filler.

    13. Some Day: 9/10: Great closing track, another nice ballad.

    Seriously, buy this album, you won’t regret it.

    Note: This rewiew took forever to write, so, even if you found this even the tiniest bit helpful, or interesting, please just take a second of your time to vote this as being helpful.

    Thanks, ThE mEtAl MaN

    Posted on March 5, 2010