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Used and Abused...In Live We Trust

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  • Most old time fans of In Flames ditched the band after Reroute to Remain, which marked a different style for the band. I’ve heard it referred to as blasphemous, but that’s a little harsh. That album was my introduction to IF, and after hearing just the first track, I went and bought the entire Friden catalog (didn’t care for the last guy.) The Soundtrack came out, and I didn’t really give it a chance. It was really different, really… strange. I just couldn’t dig it, but The Quiet Place was great.
    This DVD, while showcasing a lot of Soundtrack and the stupid song titles, is a gem amongst live performances. These guys hit these songs almost perfectly, aside from the tone differences on the older songs (from death growl to metalcore scream). But these songs are done amazingly live, with energy and care taken to reproduce the cd versions.
    The bonus features are great too, but the Touch of Red video is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

    Posted on March 1, 2010