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Vagabonds of the Western World

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Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2007.

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  • I love Thin Lizzy I was introduced to them through jailbreak and since then i just can’t get enough I have Fighting Nightlife Johnny The Fox, Live and Dangerous, Bad Reputation and Shades of A Blue Orphanage, Vagabonds features Eric Bell Sole guitarist but he does this record justice plenty of great tunes Whisky in the Jar, Vagabonds, and Little Girl In Bloom (my personal Fav) The Harmonies Are Top Notch as for Phil’s Ear For Melody And Lyrics that are Heartfelt but The Riffs are classic,and the songs are timeless

    Posted on March 16, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Boasting both the definitive Jim Fitzpatrick cover and a diverse lineup of outstanding compositions, “Vagabonds” is easily one of Thin Lizzy’s three finest studio albums (“Black Rose” and “Bad Reputation” fill out that triumvirate for this listener). Suffering at times from spare production values, the album still offers a testament to the band’s instrumental virtuosity: under-appreciated guitarist Eric Bell is a particular standout, displaying a range running from Beck-like eruptions on “Black Boys…” and “The Rocker,” to gritty, authentic blues breaks on “Slow Blues” and “Broken Dreams,” to an astonishing pseudo-flamenco feature on “Randolph’s Tango.” He was also the only credible slide player in Lizzy’s axeman pantheon, as “Mama Nature Said” illustrates. “Vagabonds” also displays, to fine advantage, Philip Lynott’s uncanny way with a lyric. Lynott also came into his own as a vocalist on this album, after his occasionally dodgy performances on the band’s first two platters. The title track and “Gonna Creep Up On You” beg to be covered by a contemporary act (Metallica recently released a cover of the Lizzy-fied “Whisky in the Jar”). “Vagabonds,” paired with “Black Rose,” offers a forthright homage to Lizzy’s Irish origins. Fans of later Lizzy sometimes find the offerings of proto-Lizzy to be sketchy and diffuse. However, any fan who likes the 1981 album “Renegade” should give “Vagabonds” a listen. The earlier disc displays the same diversity of approach as the latter, and the band’s musical vision is much more successful (in my opinion) on “Vagabonds.”

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  • Back in ‘73 I’d never heard of Thin Lizzy, but pitchers of their records were in record stores over in Europe & music rags featured ads for something called Tales of [or from] a Blue Orphanage: they were popular on the continent.

    In the home where I worked, there in Germany, the 16 year old with the muscular dystrophy had me put the record on the turntable. His big head bobbed over his withered body.

    Wow! Whiskey in the Jar, Little Girl in Bloom, even Hero & the Madman: why wasn’t this stuff on the college radio station? When I departed for the US of A & home, the kid gave me that record.

    So, 30+ years later, after I reduced the vinyl to pops, crackles, & fuzz, I bought the CD: don’t where those extree songs are from, but Whiskey in the Jar(oh), My Mama Nature, Song for While I’m Away remain fiery stuff. (Whiskey in the Jar sounds like some 13th-century Meistersaenger ode & it is.) By the time T.L. was on radio, Lynott sounded like Springsteen & was a couple years from dead.

    Nope, can’t go wrong with Vagabonds: tura lura lura lye.

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I agree with the previous reviews that there is not a bad song on this CD. I have had this CD for 7 years and the interesting thing is my personal favorites. When I purchased it, I would always listen to Mama Nature Said, The Hero and the Madman, The Rocker and Whisky in the Jar. Now when I listen to it(and I’m not listening to the entire CD) I always go to a different set of songs(Slow Blues, Black Boys on the Corner and Randolph’s Tango). If you are familiar with Metallica’s cover of Whisky in the Jar, you need to do yourself a favor and listen to the original.

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  • Don’t waste any time. Just buy this. You are a Thin Lizzy fan and this is why. The last LP with Eric Bell and it should be had by you. He is a master and why he left is a mystery to me. Check out the solo on “The Hero And The Madman”. You’ll be hooked. Phil Lynott is not only a great singer and composer but a very good bass player as well. Very evident on this. Brian Downey is always right on. They are an awesome trio to say the least. “Slow Blues” and “The Rocker” are among the best of any Thin Lizzy tracks anywhere. “Little Girl In Bloom” , “Gonna Creep Up On You”, it just goes on and on. There is only one track I skip. You’ll be able to tell which one. Although I love the 4th album “Night Life” I think it took awhile for the band to gain the momentum lost after this one. I don’t think even “Fighting” was quite as good. It’s right up there with “Jailbreak” if you ask me. Buy it.

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now