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Vagabonds of the Western World

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  • (Update 11/30/05)

    Vagabonds of the Western World.

    Short and sweet update here. This album is tops. So much so in the six years since the previous review its become #1 on my Lizzy list. While the very first album is #2. “Thunder & Lightning” has moved down to #3.

    Why? Through getting older, appreciating differing styles and vibes. Vagabonds holds up on multiple levels and shines. The first album also is a textured thoughtful effort and deserves praise. Thunder and Lightning is great for what it is. The diversity is missing though from that release, and it doesn’t have as much heart.

    So in short, get this album. You’ll be shining the spotlight on an album us fans know as flat-out divine.

    -end update-

    This LP is the last album to feature the original Thin Lizzy line-up of Phil Lynott, Eric Bell and Brian Downey.

    Recorded in 1973, and released with high hopes of hitting it big, Lizzy put out this album to lukewarm interest and sales. Not long after the release of this album, guitarist Eric Bell burned out and left Lynott and Downey to pick up the pieces. .. and the rest is history from there..

    Musically, this LP consisted of many great songs and has aged among the best in the Lizzy catalog. There simply isn’t a bad song on the album. Some of the more notible are “The Rocker,” which became a perennial live favorite of the band, “Vagabonds of the Western World,” “Little Girl in Bloom” and the newly added B-side for the CD reissue showcasing Lynott’s strutting: “Black Boys on the Corner.”

    This LP was Thin Lizzy putting all they had into the music and taking risks. Its passionate, high energy and distinctive. For that, with Eric Bell’s unique guitar playing and sound, it ranks up there as my #2 favorite Lizzy CD behind “Thunder and Lightning.”

    Posted on March 11, 2010