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Vagabonds of the Western World

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  • Don’t waste any time. Just buy this. You are a Thin Lizzy fan and this is why. The last LP with Eric Bell and it should be had by you. He is a master and why he left is a mystery to me. Check out the solo on “The Hero And The Madman”. You’ll be hooked. Phil Lynott is not only a great singer and composer but a very good bass player as well. Very evident on this. Brian Downey is always right on. They are an awesome trio to say the least. “Slow Blues” and “The Rocker” are among the best of any Thin Lizzy tracks anywhere. “Little Girl In Bloom” , “Gonna Creep Up On You”, it just goes on and on. There is only one track I skip. You’ll be able to tell which one. Although I love the 4th album “Night Life” I think it took awhile for the band to gain the momentum lost after this one. I don’t think even “Fighting” was quite as good. It’s right up there with “Jailbreak” if you ask me. Buy it.

    Posted on March 11, 2010